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Introduction of Xinglong Residential Buildings
Time:2019-06-06 13:33:41 Browse:7284

     Located in the north of Leifeng Road in Xi’an High-tech Development Zone,the Xinglong Residential Buildings are key settlement building complex for locals after the Samsung established it manufacturing there. Invested by administration office of Chang’an Science and Telecommunication Garden,the project is constructed by Shaanxi Foreign Economics Trade and Industrial Group Co.Ltd. With 79 buildings and underground parking ,the total construction area of the project is 1.59 million m2 .Each building has 28 stories above the ground and 1 car parking basement(420000Squar meter) .The project is a shear wall structure and frame structure.The total contract value is 3.7 billion Yuan .The project started at the beginning of 2014 and has been completed at the beginning of 2016.The project has been awarded as the Quality Structure Project by Xi’an Municipal Government.


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